Garden Plants

We grow the majority of our plants on site so you can be sure you are supporting the local community and not buying "forced" plants from far away shores! We also support other local nurseries to boost our range.

We grow and stock a wide range of common and unusual potted herbs and "grow your own" vegetable plants in season.

We grow over 100 varieties of native Wildflower, Bog and Pond Plants with many native varieties not available anywhere else.

If we don't stock a certain plant we will try and source it locally for you.

Our range of coir pots, mulch discs and hanging basket liners are made from waste coconut husk (coir fibre) and are 100% biodegradable.

We stock peat reduced, peat free and local "Bracken Compost" made from the Gower Commons. Bracken competes with the wildflowers on the Gower Commons, so by clearing and composting greater biodiversity can flourish.