Wildflower Centre

The Gower peninsula was declared the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in 1956; in recognition of the area's outstanding landscapes. Nowhere else in the UK can such a diverse range of landscapes and habitats be found in such a small area. As a result Gower supports a very high diversity of animals and plants; it is one of the richest places for wildlife in the British Isles and contains the greatest concentration of protected sites in the country.

Enjoy an opportunity to discover the unique wildlife, habitats, plants and animals of Gower. Wander through our wildflower meadow and watch dragonflies, damselflies and the occasional newt in our pond. With over thirty interpretation boards read about the fascinating historical, culinary and medical uses of our native wildflowers or just relax and watch the local wildlife. Discover the wonderful biodiversity of Gower in our roundhouse and find out why Gower is so ecologically important and unique.

Children can explore our willow igloo and mini meadow within safe view of the cafe.